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Item No. 3

(Potentially – Aiming toward)

A revolutionary concept:  A NEW INTERNET SITE &  LLC

Aimed To be A Multi-Billion Dollars Advertising Venture

This is a once in life time opportunity, which may change the life of all owners, partners, and the company. This is a multi-billion dollars project (venture), so please kindly consider my proposal.

The nature of the concept is a unique advertising venture, which is superior. I have developed, and I am the architect of the website, but my professor built it.

We should be No. 1 in the world in the general area of INTERNET ADVERTISEMENT. I cannot Specify more now, only after NDA, yet, based on my reputation and experience, trust me this is HUGE.
More details when we speak, pending NDA when appropriate.

A good buyer would be one who has capability to either IT/Web Design,
or has funds to finance it. A buyer of the venture will also get the website.

Being an idearather than a patent (untill the software will be patented) -
For more information we will have to sign an NDA

Please contact CEO with the following information:

a. Name, title, company legal name, website, land phone, cell phone
b. Legfal Address, years company founded
c.Your interest,e.g.: Buying the venture; forminga a group of investors, etc.

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